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Your pop mail server is monitored from three locations. Each monitoring server visits each monitoring interval 24x7 at the same time as the other monitoring servers. From the results obtained ipPatrol determines whether your pop mail server is working and can alert you via sms, pager and email as required.

Monitor your inbound and outbound mail is working with our pop3 roundtrip mail monitor. This feature not only means that we can check your smtp server is responding but that it is accepting mail and that we can retreive mail using pop3.

Performance statistics (dns lookup time, connect time, first byte time, transfer time and elapsed time) are recorded and used in our online graphs and email reports to provide a performance overview of your mail server.

Detailed reports are sent on a regular basis as required containing details of outages, server availability, a graph depicting overall performance and a detailed performance analysis.

POP3 monitor features

Generic Monitoring Features

We can be monitoring your services in a matter of minutes. Simply join our free trial, log into your instantly available control panel and setup your monitoring. Shortly afterwards you'll receive an automatic notification that monitoring has started. Still not sure? Contact support for more details.

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