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As well as being able to produce outage reports, availability reports, overall performance graphs and detailed analysis graphs online for a given period customers can opt to receive daily, weekly and/or monthly reports like the example below via email. Reports can be sent to any number of contacts and can be delivered in plain text or html format. If you want the raw data that produces the report this can be delivered at the same time in csv format as an attachment.

Example server monitoring Report

Report details

  1. The date range that the report covers.
  2. An availability report showing when each outage happened, how long it lasted and the reason for it.
  3. A summary of all the outages, giving the number of outages, the total down time, the total planned outage time, the total up time and the overall availability for the period as a percentage and in days, hours and minutes.
  4. Details of any data found to be missing when producing the report and how many scheduled visits were made so you can see at a glance that we are delivering the service you are paying for. As far as we know this insight into service provision is unique to ipPatrol®
  5. An overall performance graph showing the average elapsed time for each visit and the average transfer rate. This is a good indication of how your site is performing overall.

    This graph can also be viewed online for any period including the last 24 hours.
  6. A detailed analysis graph showing a breakdown of the elapsed time into time taken for dns lookup, time taken to connect to your server, time before data started arriving (first byte time) and time taken to download the data (transfer time).

    This graph can also be viewed online for any period including the last 24 hours.
  7. The time zone the report is produced in. You can set your local time zone via the control panel and all settings, alerts and reports will be in your local time zone.

Please note this example is scaled to fit the web site and real reports are a lot clearer.

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